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April 22 - Actor-Based Training Workshop: Motivate and Influence through Business Storytelling

Stick_comm_medStorytelling has been listed as one of the most important business skills in the next five years. We are a narrative culture and storytelling is an essential skill in your toolbox to motivate and influence others in a healthy way, regardless of your level of authority. Whether you are a project manager, sales professional, executive, director, analyst, manager, or leader, storytelling is a tool that will change your ability to communicate and help you become highly proficient in your role.

Hippo's Motivating through Storytelling workshop is a fun, hands-on experience for you to develop solid business storytelling skills in order to be more influential and persuasive. You will learn in a small group setting by developing stories for your own toolbox with the help of a professional coach and a live actor.

Learn how to use storytelling to:

  • Get others to buy-in to change
  • Influence others without authority
  • Motivate your teams
  • Communicate in a way people will remember
  • Drive people to action
  • Sell more
  • Convey strategy and vision
  • Change behavior
  • Convey information
  • Get people to remember you
  • Deliver a compelling message
  • Lead high-performing teams more effectively

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Contact Mark Kenny at mkenny@hipposolutions.com or (615) 219-0803 x7211 for more information.







The Communication “Stage” Workshop Series, Next Workshop: November 6th

IStock_000018251209_webWhether you like it or not, you are on “stage” every day.  You are always communicating, and your level of success in projects, change initiatives, daily work life, strategy execution, and career are largely dependent on the foundation of excellent communication.  The Communication “Stage” is Hippo Solutions’ comprehensive workshop series with live actors that provides you with the opportunity to learn communication skills, put them into practice, and receive personal coaching.  If you are serious about raising your communication skills to the next level, register for our next workshop today!

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