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Do You Feel Like a Hippo Attacking an Elephant?

IStock_000008556612_webDid you happen to see this article about a Hippo attacking an elephant?  The elephant wouldn't back down, especially when several of his fellow elephants came to his aid.  Do you ever feel like the Hippo in your organization?  Are you trying to address cultural and communication issues only to run up against the elephants time and time again?

Don't give up.  It's not easy, but progress is being made and you are not alone.  Your efforts make a big difference.  In a survey by the Kelton Group, a key finding was that 26% of employees say they don't have training available to them and the 62% who say they do claim it isn't relevant.  Workers with training available to them are more committed, happy, and excited.  A survey by Global Novations revealed that 60% of organizations placed developing new leaders as its top training priority.  You're not alone.  Many other organizations are facing the same old elephants too.  It can sometimes seem like a Hippo facing off against a herd of elephants, but your efforts at improving communication (and other) skills do make a difference over time in an organization.

Here are four things you can do today to make progress in your efforts:

  • Have lunch with someone to understand their work life - engage them as an ally.
  • Tell stories to engage people with the need for change.
  • Find someone that you can mentor (even if it is informal).
  • Read and train yourself on communication and leadership skills to set the example.

Plus you're not the only Hippo on the island...