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April 22 - Actor-Based Training Workshop: Motivate and Influence through Business Storytelling

Stick_comm_medStorytelling has been listed as one of the most important business skills in the next five years. We are a narrative culture and storytelling is an essential skill in your toolbox to motivate and influence others in a healthy way, regardless of your level of authority. Whether you are a project manager, sales professional, executive, director, analyst, manager, or leader, storytelling is a tool that will change your ability to communicate and help you become highly proficient in your role.

Hippo's Motivating through Storytelling workshop is a fun, hands-on experience for you to develop solid business storytelling skills in order to be more influential and persuasive. You will learn in a small group setting by developing stories for your own toolbox with the help of a professional coach and a live actor.

Learn how to use storytelling to:

  • Get others to buy-in to change
  • Influence others without authority
  • Motivate your teams
  • Communicate in a way people will remember
  • Drive people to action
  • Sell more
  • Convey strategy and vision
  • Change behavior
  • Convey information
  • Get people to remember you
  • Deliver a compelling message
  • Lead high-performing teams more effectively

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Contact Mark Kenny at mkenny@hipposolutions.com or (615) 219-0803 x7211 for more information.