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What it Takes to be a Great NFL Head Coach (or Business Leader)

IStock_000011199130_webSince I grew up in Wisconsin, I have been an avid Green Bay Packers fan my whole life.  So naturally I am excited to watch the Packers vs. 49ers playoff game on Sunday, especially after the roller coaster ride with the Aaron Rodgers story over the last 2 months.

I often think about the tremendous communication skills needed to be an NFL head coach.  You have to deal with players, assistant coaches, the media, a general manager, your owner, etc.  It's a tall order.  I recently read an interesting article by Joe Bussell on what it takes to be a great NFL coach and why many coaches fail.  He referred to the Peter principle: people are promoted based on how they performed at their current position, without regard to whether their skills are appropriate for the higher position (I'm sure you've never seen that played out in your career ;) ).

Joe goes on to list the skills that he believes are required of a head coach.  Interestingly, they closely align with skills that we believe business leaders need (and everyone is a leader):

  • Respected by coaches and players
  • High IQ in managing the high-level (as opposed to the details)
  • Process information intuitively and correctly
  • Communicate directions closely
  • A "mover of men"
  • Understand how personalities and egos come into play
  • Motivate everyone around him to make sure to get the best out of every person
  • Adapt his scheme to the personnel and roster.

These are great skills for you to proactively develop in yourself.  Not only will they help you immensely in your current position, but you will be ready when that leadership position is available.




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