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What Does "Make Them Look Good" Look Like?

IStock_000011451512_webIn our last post I provided a tool used by improv that can improve our business communication and foster trust.  What does that look like?  How do I "make someone look good?"  I wanted to offer a practical way of doing this and that is:

Communicate the information to them that will help them do a great job.

Don't communicate information to them because you have to, or because you need something, but to help them do a great job.  For example, "our group is on track to complete our task on Friday so that your group can take over, but I am a little concerned that a problem with one of our customers is going to throw a wrench into things this week.  I'll keep you up to date so that you can know what is likely to happen."  There are many examples of this - I am giving them what they need to plan, be prepared, and knock it out of the park in their group.

When they reciprocate we become a well-oiled machine...and it is actually fun to work together.





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