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Make Them Look Good, Establish Trust

IStock_000003273134_web2Trust is a critical component of leadership and good communication culture.  The lack of trust is evident when people are afraid to speak up, communication does not flow freely, honest feedback is not given, and turnover is high.  As leaders (and everyone is a leader in some way) we establish trust as we communicate.

Improv provides us with another tool to establish trust as we communicate.  And is...to make everyone else around you look good.  If you ever find yourself doing an improv routine you would discover that part of your job is to focus on your partners.  Same thing on your teams.  You set them up.  You make it easy for them to continue the "scene" and look good.  If they drop the ball, you pick it up and help them.  Your entire focus is not on what you can say to look good yourself, but what you can communicate to make them look good.

Over time, they trust you.  They know you have their back.  And guess what is the result when their focus is to make you look good?

  • A highly effective team that...
  • Trusts each other with...
  • Free-flowing communication that...
  • Makes everyone look good and...
  • Immensely enjoy what they are doing

It starts with you.  Be accountable in your communication to focus on everyone else and make them look good.




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